Amazing Culinary Skills

Using a lady’s back as a chopping board.The latest Culinary Olympics - an international cooking event that would cross language barriers and communicate world trends in cuisine was held in China’s Shun De recently. Around 2000 renowned chefs from 25 countries around world gathered together for this event to display their fine culinary skills. Some highlights of the event included:

  • Using a lady’s back as a chopping board
  • Slicing meat which is placed on top of a balloon
  • Slicing beancurd with chef being blindfolded – sliced beancurd is as fine as thread!
  • Cutting up a potato to a length of over 70 meters
  • Carving beancurd soaked in water

Cutting on balloon.33,000 visitors were also queuing up for some 1.5 ton soup prepared in a 1.6 meters tall and wide pot. Besides the magnificent display of skills mentioned above, as many as 122 dishes were also being carefully prepared. Boy, how I wish I was there to eat to my heart’s content!

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Sliced beancurd.All dishes.Link & Image: FsOnline & NanFangDaily
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