Automobiles for the young

Automoblox.It's best to expose our impressionable young girls to car culture as early as possible to cultivate their interests to sports racing .. that is if you want them to be the next Danica Patrick. Automoblox's new limited edition pink sportscar does just that - provided she prefers it rather than the all time favourite Barbie doll.

Streamliner.Okay, to be fair to the boys, we've sourced for a sportscar suitable for the next Michael Schumacher. Meet the PLAYSAM car - a simple and pure design that possess the gesture of the automobile like no other PLAYSAM Streamliner. Now gentlemen, it's time to start your engines!

More of such cars can be found on the following link.

Pink Sports Car: Automoblox via Autoblog
PLAYSAM Streamliner: Fitzsu via Presurfer
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Veron said…
Cuuute! Even I want one!