"Cool" Bar !

Ice Bar.The Ice Bar in Melbourne, Australia, is one of the most unique and exotic venues one can possibly dream of. It offers patrons an experience and environment of sub-zero temperatures where they are confronted by a d├ęcor made entirely of ice and surrounded by exquisitely carved ice sculptures. By spending US $22.5, one can sit on the bench cushioned with Kangaroo skin and enjoy a free glass of Vodka or Cocktail in this "cool" bar for half an hour!

Link & Image: ChinaDaily
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George said…
Hi there, please let me know if this is the website of the bar that you are referring to?


Thanks, :)
Anonymous said…
oo cool.. but kangaroo skin?.. thats gotta hurt..
Spluch said…
Hi George,

I can't be sure since I don't have the address, but I tried searching and it seems that Chill On Ice Bar should be the one. However, there's also a "Minus 5" ice bar in Sydney, Auckland and Queenstown. Here's the link if you are interested:
Minus 5
Anonymous said…

Well nothing´s new under the sun.

Check this link out :


Worth a visit WHEN you come to little ol´ Sweden.

Spluch said…
The Ice Hotel sure looks cool... definitely worth a visit
Carl said…
www.chillon.com.au is the website. This place is cool I went there with my wife and we loved it. The bar upstairs is nice and relaxing after the freezing cold! YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!!!
Spluch said…
It's just great to try out something new once in a while .. this bar should give one an unforgettable experience!