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French Town for sale at a price of $326,619

TownDreaming of getting your hands on a small island but can’t seem to be able to afford it? Why not buy a town instead? An entire French town is now on sale for just $326,619! Here’s a quick overview of the town:

This small Provencal village was built on the ruins of a Roman settlement. There are 5 buildings in total, each one having its own pet name - "La Cantinette", Le Pavillon "Nid d'Amour", "Le Rocher", "La Grotte" and "La Cuisine d'ete".

Don't be fooled into thinking that this place is large - it's not. But it is complete and private. The next village is only just down the road, so there is life nearby!

In total there is about 150 m2 of living space and land of 5,000 m2. You'll enjoy sitting under the tea trees in the summer - being on the border of the Drome Provencale, sunshine is something that you'll have to get used to!

Just a suggestion.. are there any nearby towns also on sale? Buy them all, and you have very own city!

Thanks, JH !

Link & Image: Vefuk via Random Good Stuff
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