Hidden Blade - The Pilotless Modern Aircraft

AircraftChina Aviation Industry Corporation (CAIC1) has recently unveiled a conceptual model of a pilotless combat aircraft during the 6th International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition held in South China’s Zhuhai.

The aircraft “An Jian” or hidden blade is being designed by CAIC1's Shenyang Aeroplane Design Institution for future aerial combat, according to an introduction by CAIC1. This aircraft sure reminds me of the one in “Broken Arrow”!

This pilotless aircraft offers many advanced roles such as reconnaissance, electronic jamming, intelligence-gathering and even combat roles. For the past 10 years, with the advancement of artificial intelligence technology, information and communication technology, satellite navigation and the rapid development of modern technology has made the development of unmanned combat machines a reality. For example, during the war Afghanistan, US deployed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which launched several Hellfire missiles against human targets in the Zhawar Killi region in eastern Afghanistan, an area suspected to host extensive al Qaeda tunnel complexes!

Link & Image: QianLong
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