Hubless wheels

Zero Bike.Wow, a hubless and spokeless bicycle! According to Eblog, this “Zero Bike” is designed by Makota Makita and Hiroshi Tsuzaki from Tokyo, Japan. It is a lightweight bicycle powered by cranking magnetic pedals which rotate the tires suspended between other magnets.

And check out this cool motorcycle. It is called “Hubless Monster” and is made by Amen Motorsports. Similar to the Zero Bike, the wheels on this motorcycle is hubless. The largest motorcycle tire in the world at 36 cm in diameter can also be found on it. Osmos Wheel has some information on how these wheels work.

Hubless Monster.
Link & Image: Eblog
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Howards Killer Customs said…
Technically, a wheel does have to have a hub and the "hubless" examples you have here do have hubs, they are just so close to the outside diameter of the wheel it gives the illusion of being hubless. Very cool though. Our hubless.