Human brush for Chinese Calligraphy

Human CalligraphyChinese calligraphy is an art form, and calligraphers are highly respected. There are several styles of writing: Seal, official or clerical, regular, running or semi-cursive, and cursive. Each one has its own characteristics and purpose.

A group of university students wanted to try out a new method for Chinese calligraphy writing – inverting a lady wrapped in white cloth and using her hair as a brush! The first student helped to support her upper body, whereas another one hung on to her legs. The poor lady’s hair and face was smeared with messy ink as the “strong” guys struggled to use her as a brush for Chinese calligraphy writing on the paper laid on the ground, knocking her head against the ground at times. Ouch, that must be awfully painful!

Critics were not impressed by their “innovate method”, and further commented that their Chinese calligraphy was a complete mess! Personally, I am against what they did. That's no way to treat a lady.

Link & Image: Sina
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Anonymous said…
Gosh! some people are just brainless!!! don't they feel for the lady?!??!
Spluch said…
Agreed! Never treat a lady like this!