Humongous Double Ninth Cake

Double Ninth Cake.Six chefs made this humongous Double Ninth cake in a hotel in Suzhou, China, taking a total of 12 hours to complete. This 4.5 meter by 3.3 meter cake which weighs a whopping 729 kilograms is a kind of sweet snack made out of glutinous rice.

The Double Ninth Festival which arrives on the ninth day of the ninth month according to the lunar calendar can be traced back to the Eastern Han Dynasty. It was celebrated in ancient China in memory of a young mythical hero named Huan Jing who defeated an evil dragon. Later on, people began eating Double Ninth cakes during the festival to wish for a peaceful and prosperous life.

In 1989, the government turned the festival into Senior's Day to give it a new significance.

Link & Image: XinHua
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Anonymous said…
You should also check out this cake. It's not big, but the design is incredible.
Spluch said…
Hmm.. I would say the Decapitated Hand Cake is not for the faint-hearted!