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Mathmos Thaw

Mathmos Thaw.Here’s an odd candle that defies the saying “fire and ice don’t mix”. Apparently, the Mathmos Thaw allows you to create a wall of ice around what would otherwise be a very boring-looking candle. A built-in mold allows you to fill with water, freeze, and then pop a candle into it. The ice then becomes a unique melting shade for a tea light whilst the melted ice flows back into the mold.

Link & Image: Mathmos via Popgadget
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I have one of these......... what can I say.......its amazing, it looks stunnings. It looks and melts differently each time. It certainly went down well with my visitors. Very romantic as well......
10/10 excellent I have 3 now.

Sounds great! Thanks for sharing... will be getting one soon.

Excellent, beautiful, amazing, contempary and original. Must must buy.

wow a christmas must have.

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