Most Extreme Superyacht

Superyacht.Craig Loomes Design came out with this design which is considered to be the world’s most extreme superyacht. Although this 148-meter yacht looks like something out of science fiction, like something out of Star Trek, it already has both a pedigree and a working model. It may not be the fastest but with sprint speed of 50 knots and a cruising speed of 40 knots, it will be the fastest superyacht design ever conceived.

In addition to the master suite which extends to 3 decks, this 148-meter hull also houses split-level luxury staterooms for up to 28 guests.

There are also accommodation for 11 personal staff and a crew of 48. Public rooms include observation lounges in the cross decks that link the center hull and side hulls-just the place to have drinks, do yoga and watch dolphins playing beneath you. There is a swimming pool, hot tub and plenty of room for sunbathing.

Other facilities include a grand piano and bar, a helicopter pad, a grand hall and an internal harbor. A range of tenders is carried in garages built into the side and main hulls with the remainder of the side hull area given over to stowage and crew requirements.

Craig Loomes design has already identified shipyards that can construct such an unusual design.

If I have deep pockets, I would surely get one of these, name it USS Enterprise and perhaps make a movie out of it too.

Link & Image: Yachting Magazine
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gdaigle said…
The yacht reminds me of the S.S.Gigantic, a futuristic ocean linear featured in the W.C. Field classic film "The Big Broadcast of 1938". Not sure of the production designer of that film ... perhaps Bel Geddes?