Near-fatal derailment

DerailmentRemember the scene in Spiderman 2 whereby Spiderman was fighting against Doctor Octopus and how he saved the train from falling off a raised overpass? On Friday, a similar scene was found in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - without our superhero and Doctor Octopus! Here's a summary of the incident:

Workers stare in disbelief at this near-fatal derailment in Kuala Lumpur. The train carriage hangs off the end of a raised overpass at a local station after failing to stop. There were no reports of casualties or injuries in the accident, officials said.

Link & Image: Metro
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Veron said…
I saw this photograph in the newspaper and found it very familiar, yet I couldn't quite pinpoint where I had seen it before. Thanks for pointing out that it resembles a scene from Spiderman!