Out on a limb

Arm attached to crotch.In order to save his arm, doctors performed a surgery to attach it to his crotch. However, this is only a temporary attachment.

If you had met Israel Sarrio in March 2004, you may not have wanted to shake hands with him mostly because his hand was sticking out of his crotch. The then-25-year-old truck driver had his arm reattached after it was torn off in a tragic accident, but when it became infected, doctors had to re-amputate it to treat the ailing limb and stump. The arm was attached to Sarrio’s groin, which kept the limb alive by feeding it blood through its veins and arteries while doctors worked to cure the infection on the stump it was taken from. It was later successfully reattached.

Link & Image: Botinok
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Anonymous said…
Now you can call him "Mr DickHand"!