Snakes on a Phone!

Signature Cobra & Signature Python handsets.We have all heard of the movie Snakes on a Plane. How about snakes on a phone? Vertu, a leading manufacturer of luxury mobile communication products has launched a new range of handsets called the Signature Diamond Collection in India.

The range of handsets includes the Signature Platinum model that comes with 0.25 carat solitaire diamonds and other models that include Pavé Signature 18 carat yellow gold and white gold with diamond cut keys.

But the show stealer was the new Boucheron range. Boucheron for Vertu, inspired by 19th century Parisian jeweler Frederic Boucheron, includes the Signature Cobra and the Signature Python handsets that feature a unique diamond studded cobra or python design on top of the golden Signature phone.

The limited edition Signature Cobra (left image) will retail for a staggering US $350,000 and will only be cast in 8 pieces worldwide. The Signature Python (right image) will be available in 26 pieces. The price is not announced yet.

Link & Image: Tech2
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Anonymous said…
I actually saw this phone today. And was in total shock at the prices of this and other phones. (this one, no price on display), Other phones priced from 1000 pounds to 53 thousand pounds
Spluch said…
Wow! Those sure are uber expensive phones.