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World's first observation wheel built on a bridge

Observation wheel built into a bridge.The construction of the “Tianjin Eye” will be completed sometime next year. The observation wheel will be attached right in the middle of the Chihai bridge with cars passing by on both sides. It is the most technically challenging bridge ever built.

It has a diameter of 110 meters and will carry 48 sealed and air conditioned passenger capsules attached to its external circumference. Each capsule will be capable of accommodating 8 persons. One revolution takes about 30 minutes to complete and upon reaching its peak, one will be able to view the surrounding area up to a distance of 40 km.

It will be the world's first and only wheel being built on a bridge and is set to become a major landmark and tourist attraction in the city of Tianjin, China.

Link & Image: XinHuaNet
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This is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. Who wants to ride an observation wheel in the middle of a highway? Better yet, who wants to ride an observation wheel?

Lots of people want to ride an observation wheel.
Ever hear of the London Eye?
Now theres one in Niagra Falls, and plans for ones in Vegas, and China.

Answer your question?

I know plenty of people who wouldn't take 30 minutes to look around a full 360 degrees.

Ironically the Tianjin river is one of the most filthy rivers in the world. You would probably need to ride all the way to the to to escape the stench.

I must agree that is the dumbest thing ever. It's just another target for the bad people out there.

I saw the London Eye during my visit to London. Just looking at it was enough.

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