World's tallest chocolate sculpture

Chocolate sculptureThis 6.6 meter tall chocolate sculpture located in a toy shop in Manhattan, New York, is made entirely of more than 1,000 kg of chocolate. Modeled after Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building and Chrysler Building in the United States, its construction took Alain Roby more than 30 hours to complete. Guinness officials present at the scene have confirmed it as the world’s tallest sculpture made from chocolate. This sets a new Guinness Record.

Link & Image: XinHuaNet
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Shan said…
That looks delicious.
Anonymous said…
Yummy, looks good enough to eat!!!!
Here's how to make delicious chocolate covered strawberries. First of all ensure that the strawberries you are intending to use are dry, then allow them to be room temperature warm prior to making them. After the strawberries have been covered in chocolate, put them in your refrigerator to cool, but do not store them in the fridge. Consume within 1-2 days.
Spluch said…
Hmmm, thanks for the tip. I'll definitely try it out, cause strawberries and chocolate makes a great combo!