10 is the new 15 as kids grow up faster

Tweens.Due to physical and social reasons, the kids in the United States are getting more precocious. Child development experts say that physical and behavioral changes that would have been typical of a 15-year-old child decades ago are now common among kids of around 10 years of age. A snippet from Yahoo News is as follows.

Zach Plante is close with his parents — he plays baseball with them and, on weekends, helps with work in the small vineyard they keep at their northern California home. Lately, though, his parents have begun to notice subtle changes in their son. Among other things, he's announced that he wants to grow his hair longer — and sometimes greets his father with "Yo, Dad!"

"Little comments will come out of his mouth that have a bit of that teen swagger," says Tom Plante, Zach's dad.

Thing is, Zach isn't a teen. He's 10 years old — one part, a fun-loving fifth-grader who likes to watch the Animal Planet network and play with his dog and pet gecko, the other a soon-to-be middle schooler who wants an iPod.

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