6-year-old boy wrote his very own novel and sets a new Guinness World Record

Christopher Beale.At just 6 years and 118 days old, Christopher Beale, a genius from Switzerland, wrote his very own novel “This and Last Season's Excursions”. This novel has been officially published in Britain by an Inverness-based Aultbea Publishing company. According to the publisher, this novel has set a new Guinness World Record.

Christopher Beale's book, This and Last Season's Excursions, follows the adventures of a boy, his stuffed animals and his pets - Christopher's own puppy, Biscuit, and his kitten, Daisy - as they fight lions and "hinnies", rescue owls and search for the mysterious city of Quarles.

Christopher, who lives in Zug, Switzerland, learned to read at three. He finished the book at six years and 118 days old. He said: "I wrote it in my bedroom after lunch every day. My mum asked me to write a story and I ended up writing a whole book."

He has read books such as Through the Looking Glass and Swiss Family Robinson. Fluent in Italian, he is now busy translating his first book as well as writing his second. His website links to that of his father, Theodore, the author of the Christian fantasy novels Eternal Warriors and The Wrath of Angels.

"I'm not the only novelist in the family," he says on the website. "My daddy writes stories too, although I'm not allowed to read them yet. They're probably not as exciting as my book anyhow. I asked him once, and he said there aren't any hinnies, bats or even any green mambas in them."

Christopher is now 7 years old, speaks fluent English and Italian and has plans to take up German as well. It is reported that, although he broke into the "youngest male writers" record, he is not the world's youngest writer. The world’s youngest writer was a little girl from Washington who published a book “How the World Started” when she was only 4 years of age in 1964.

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