Cool and quirky wallets

Wallets.Looking for cool and quirky wallets that resembles bits of folded paper? Have a look at the Tyvek Wallets - there's a newspaper, a computer printout and even an airmail envelope design!

From Firebox:
Needless to say, pulling a Tyvek out of your pocket will immediately mark you out as an international man of mystery: the airmail version is a snail mail classic but it also looks quite glam in a retro kind of way; the computer printout features that classic dot matrix font favoured by Cold War spies and genius mathematicians; finally the newspaper is covered in French, German and Italian text - great for fooling onlookers into thinking you're some sort of cunning linguist.

But Tyvek wallets aren't just about highly original looks. Tyvek® is actually the brand name of a unique material that's like a cross between paper, film and fabric. Lightweight yet amazingly strong, this miraculous stuff is breathable (so your beloved banknotes won't get all hot and bothered), yet it is water / chemical / tear / abrasion resistant. This means, unlike leather, a Tyvek Wallet won't start falling to bits after a bit of rough and tumble.

Link & Image: Firebox
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