Deer caught up in a bright purple volleyball net

A buck mule deer.A buck mule deer relaxes in Greenmount Cemetery in Durango Colorado, with a purple coloured volleyball net wrapped around its antlers. A Colorado Division of Wildlife officer assessed the deer and determined that it would be alright the way it is until the deer sheds its antlers sometime in February.

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Anonymous said…
I am from South texas and I went to new mexico to visit my fiance' he took me to durango, colorado to the same cememtery the bulk is located, but sadly I didn't get to see it. My fiance' called me last night and said he will send a picture of the bulk because he went back to see it and took a picture of it. He told me to go to google and search for it and I did and its so kewl.

from Tx.
Spluch said…
Thanks for the comment, RO.