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Europe's tallest Christmas tree

Europe’s highest artificial Christmas tree.Europe’s highest artificial Christmas tree has just been turned on. If you missed watching the spectacular annual ceremony, you can still catch a video of it after the jump.

The artificial tree is 75-metres high, three metres higher than 2005, when it was an entrant in the Guiness Book of Records. Europe's tallest artificial Christmas tree was erected at Praca do Comercio, a traditional 18th century square, also known as Horse Square, next to various governmental buildings.

The Christmas monument carries 2.35 million micro bulbs, 12,000 mini-spherical lamps, 26,000 metres of light tubing, 400 metres of neon.The tree will be visible from the various parts of the city and to some 300,000 commuters travelling in and out of Lisbon via the River Tagus.

Link & Image: Reuters
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This Christmas tree is in Portugal, Lisbon, Capital of Portugal. If you want watch images from webcam on the top of the tree, please go to http://arvoremillenniumbcp.sapo.pt/ or
Have a nice trip!

Thanks for the info. :)

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