Future Wireless Headphones to Transmit Music Through Your Body

Future Wireless Headphones.Scientists from the Sony's Tokyo research lab have found a way to connect headphones to portable music and video players by feeding an audio signal straight through the listener's body. This eliminates the need for fiddly wiring.

Existing wireless headphones use Bluetooth radio, but this means pairing two devices beforehand and is prone to interference from other equipment. Another approach – infra-red – relies on line-of-sight, which is rarely practical.

The new system uses the listener's body as a capacitor that carries a tiny electrostatic charge. A music or video player sends a fluctuating signal to a conductive cloth pad – such as a wrist band – and this slightly charges the wearer's body. A pair of conductive ear pads in the headphones pick-up the signal and rapidly convert it back into sound.

Link & Image: New Scientists via Gizmodo
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