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Is this Britain's unluckiest man?

John Lyne.If you ever think life is being a little tough on you, just be grateful you aren't John Lyne – who could well be Britain's unluckiest man. Here's a snippet from Mirror:

He's been struck by lightning twice, had three car crashes, nearly drowned and suffered numerous broken bones - John Lyne deserves the title of the UK's unluckiest man.

But instead of feeling self-pity, John is still surprisingly positive and reckons things could have been far worse.

John, an industrial cleaner, explains: "After all the scenarios I've been involved in, I could have had more serious injuries or even died.

"So I count my blessings that I'm still here. Someone is looking after me." John's long-suffering wife, Susan, 52, also a cleaner, dreads the sound of the phone ringing as it's often about her husband having another accident.

She says: "He is like a cat with nine lives, only his chances were up long ago. Wherever he goes or whatever he does, you can guarantee trouble isn't far away.

Link & Image: Mirror
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