Japanese do-it-yourself cars

K-4Mitsuoka Motor, a Japanese company, has just unveiled a micro kit car "K-4", equipped with a 50cc engine on its classical tested sports car body, developed for the do-it-yourself customers in Tokyo. It is composed of more than 500 parts and takes approximately 40 hours to assemble. The Kit-Car measures just under 2.5 meters (eight feet) long and can run at up to 50 kilometers (31 miles) an hour. The expected cost of each of this vehicle is US $6,460.

Link & Image: XinHuaNet
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Chris said…
hmmm ok how about an electric conversion for it? hehe

I mean think about it even if you keep the batterys to only enough for 10-15 miles and the lightweight kit should allow for a wicked little setup and better for the environment :)

I mean if a 50cc can do 31mph what could a nice electric motor do?

ted.l.wood said…
It's to bad that it doesn't go faster than it does. Maybe a 450cc engine would be a little more practical and would allow for road use. Looks like a great idea though, I would almost consider getting one and modding it to fit a larger displacement engine.
Spluch said…
Let's wait and see if someone actually mods it to include a higher end engine.. there's bound to be someone who doesn't go by the manual!
London Stu said…
I say go the opposite way and install pedal power - imagine seeing it travel down the street so slowly. Would be perfect for advertisements etc.

And it'll be cheaper too - and less carbon emissions.