MAKE's Open Source Gift Guide

Christmas is just round the corner, so it's a great time to start your Christmas shopping before the festive season rush starts! Why not try getting your hands on some interesting open source hardware projects, open source software, services and things that have the spirit of open source, via MAKE's Open source gift guide - things you're allowed to take apart, tinker with, understand and improve upon!

Some interesting products include:

Daisy MP3 Player Kit - Open Source MP3 player Kit

Daisy MP3 Player Kit
Audio quality is as good as an iPod, can access 65,000 tracks, play MP3s as well as 48khz WAV files, interface it with everything from simple button pushing to parallel ports to very powerful serial modes.

Minty Boost Kit - USB charger

USB Charger
Make a small but powerful USB charger for your iPod or any gadget that uses USB. Get hours more video, music and talk time, anywhere. The hardware is open source, and fits in an Altoids tin!

Thanks, Phillip Torrone !

More of such products can be found at Make.

Link & Image: Make
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