The man who can't help making magic

Rolling BridgeIt's always good to be inquisitive and ask many questions, challenging yourself along the way. That's what Thomas Heatherwick did in order to ascent to the top flight of international design, though not forgetting his extraordinary talent!

From Telegraph:
Thomas Heatherwick's feverish imagination has made him Britain's most exciting designer. At school Thomas Heatherwick was the little boy who asked so many questions that his classmates nicknamed him "How-why?". This month, the 36-year-old has earned himself a new moniker – British Designer of the Year – beating a shortlist including Richard Rogers and David Mellor to the prestigious Prince Philip Designers Prize. But the questions keep coming.

When Newcastle asked for a fresh look for one of its unloved public squares, Heatherwick gave the city a thrilling neon-lit carpet of blue glass tiles. When Manchester needed an artwork capable of holding its own beside the vast new City of Manchester stadium, he conjured up B of the Bang: a breathtaking conglomeration of steel spikes that cuts through the sky like a firework and stands taller than any other sculpture in Britain.

And when a simple, compact structure was needed in London to cross a canal in Paddington, the designer created the Rolling Bridge, a platform that curls up like a startled woodlouse whenever a boat needs to pass beneath.

Heatherwick's creations are certainly eccentric, but they never stray from his central belief that good design should be "readable rather than impenetrable": you need no background knowledge to be touched by their immediate, exhilarating brilliance.

Link & Image: Telegraph
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