A massive skyscraper of the future

X-Seed 4000.Have you ever wondered what future skyscraper would look like? X-Seed 4000 might just be it. It is the tallest building ever fully designed which iscapable of housing between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people. The proposed structure would have a base 6 kilometer wide and contain 800 floors. At such a massive size, it can become a city on its own. This mountain-shaped living environment would be powered by solar power and would blend with its natural surroundings. The structure could, in principle, be built, although it would likely cost several hundred billion dollars, if not more. Because the structure would weigh so much, it could only be built on the sea if present-day construction materials were used.

More information about the X-Seed 4000 can be found on the following link.

Link & Image: Accelerating Future
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