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Uptight? Try a dip in a Japanese wine spa

Wine spaThe Japanese like Beaujolais Nouveau wine so much they're swimming in it ... literally. Located at a hot spring spa resort in Hakone, a resort region near Japan’s celebrated Mount Fuji, this wine spa was just installed last year. With the mountains as a backdrop of the open-air spa, you can see leaves turning colour and hear the sound of a nearby ravine. It's very pleasant," said Seiji Sanada, an official at Yunnesun. He also added that wine helps to smooth the skin and its aroma relaxes the mind.

Link & Image: Taipei Times
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Wow! I wonder whether beer also can be used in spa.

According to Yunessun Spa Resort, Japanese sake, green tea and coffee is also used in separate spas. I am sure they could use beer if they wanted to.

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