A wearable habitat for the fruit fly

The Fruit Fly FarmLaura Beloff created the The Fruit Fly Farm – basically a wearable habitat for the fruit fly designed such that its owner is able to adopt and carry around – to investigate both technological society and organic (insect) society.
The Fruit Fly Farm is embedded with a camera mobile phone, which is observing the fly nest. Anyone from the public can access the phone camera by sending a sms to the piece. This will trigger the camera to capture an image. The image will be sent back as a reply and also uploaded to a dedicated website where one can see all the uploaded images observing the fly nest.

The fly nest is located in the middle of the Ø20cm transparent acryl ball. The nest capsule contains rotten fruits and needs to be re-filled approximately once a week. The outer ball as well as the nest are perforated with small holes. The flies are free to fly in and out of the nest.

Until November 30th 2006, you can send the sms to this number: +47 92096767 (Norway)

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Link & Image: The Fruit Fly Farm via We Make Money Not Art
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