World's tallest buildings, 2012

Skyscrapers.The world’s cities are getting ever taller. Have you ever wonder which new buildings will emerge as the worlds tallest some 6 years down the road in 2012? Ponder no more, because Wired Magazine has compiled a snapshot of the world's fastest-changing skylines. View the snapshot after the jump.

Some interesting facts from Wired Magazine:
Between 2001 and 2012, almost as many skyscrapers will be constructed as were built in the entire 20th century. Thanks to globalization and the steady migration of people to urban cores, cities that once had only a few high-rises are morphing into mini-Manhattans. Miami, for example, had only five skyscrapers (buildings more than 150 meters, or 492 feet, tall) in 1999 but will have 71 by 2012. Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, will soar from two in 1999 to 90 by 2012.

Snapshot: Skyscrapers
Source: Wired Magazine
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