Alive, the boy whose head was 'broken off' in crash

Chris StewartChris Stewart, whose head was ‘broken off’ from his neck in a car crash, not only survived his critical injury, he completely recovered. A miracle!

A snippet from DailyMail:
When 12-year-old Chris Stewart crashed his racing car, the force of the smash was so great that his head was wrenched from the top of his neck. With the ligaments which attach the skull to the spine torn, and his head held in place by just skin and muscle, he was more likely to die than live.

But, now little more than two months after the accident, the schoolboy racing driver is able to walk, swim and cycle again - and can't wait to get back behind the wheel of his junior racing car. At the root of his miracle recovery is a ground-breaking operation in which the back of his skull was reattached to the top of the spine with the aid of metal plates and bone grafts.

Surgeon Evan Davies said the youngster was one of the few to survive the devastating injury, which is known colloquially as "internal decapitation". Most victims die before they reach hospital and those who make it through the operation are usually left at least partially paralysed.

Link & Image: DailyMail
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