Boy's Body Turning to Bone

x-rayA poor 6-year-old Hayden Pheif suffers from a disease caused by a renegade bone making mutation called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, or FOP, that is known to affect only 500 children in the world. FOP causes bone to grow where it shouldn't, and will eventually imprison him in a paralyzing second skeleton.

Like so many other 6-year-olds, Hayden Pheif likes to play ball with his family. But this simple task proves difficult for little Hayden. Due to one of nature's most rare and catastrophic diseases, he can't raise his arm to throw the ball, or even bend over to pick it up.

Until now, Hayden's life expectancy was only 45 years. But with the discovery of FOP gene - a monumental breakthrough that could lead to a cure, lies new hope.

Link & Image: Inside Edition
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