Crook-necked swan visitor

CrinklyBirdwatchers have been flocking to a nature reserve to catch a glimpse of an infamously deformed swan that has just arrived for the winter.

Despite having a badly bent neck, Crinkly, a three-year-old Bewick's swan, has just completed a mammoth 3,000 mile journey. This is the third year running that Crinkly has made the arduous journey down from the Arctic. The swan's deformity makes flying difficult as the U-shaped bend in her neck makes her less aerodynamic when in the air.

Staff at the reserve believe Crinkly was born with a cricked neck rather than suffering an injury in her youth. They said that apart from difficulties with flying the injury doesn't seem to impede her.

Hope everything goes well with her.

Link & Image: DailyMail via UniqueDaily
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Anonymous said…
There's a giraffe at the Santa Barbara Zoo that has a neck like this. I found it almost too painful to look at it:
Spluch said…
Thanks for the info. It is indeed a painful sight! I wonder if they did anything to help it?