Doctors and nurses wear helmets!

Doctors and nursesDoctors and nurses at a Chinese hospital started wearing helmets after they were attacked by relatives seeking compensation over a patient’s death.

Staff at Shanxia hospital in the booming southern city of Shenzhen had been pushed and shoved and spat at for days by the relatives and hired protesters, the Beijing News said.

"There was no other option," the newspaper quoted a nurse as saying. "To ensure our safety, the hospital gave everyone a helmet."

The patient, who was injured in a car accident, unexpectedly died when he was ready to go home after 17 days' treatment, the newspaper said. The relatives demanded the hospital take responsibility and called for compensation.

Disputes between patients and hospitals are now common in China, where market reforms of the 1980s ended cradle-to-grave welfare for the masses.

Link & Image: ChinaDaily
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