Fly By Wire

Fly By Wire
Take control of the fastest adventure flight in the world. Exhilarating speeds, an intense adrenaline rush and a unique experience.

Fly By Wire is an insane setup in the mountains of New Zealand. It involves a wire strung between two peaks and a little vehicle with a propeller suspended from the center. You then lie down on your stomach in this vehicle and go to town, controlling the throttle and steering as you whip around hundreds of feet in the air. Basically, it looks like the most fun you could ever have while suspended from a wire between two mountains. It's in a remote area, so they transport you out there, which is included in the $96 per person fee they charge for a 25 minute ride. They're even kind enough to offer an extra 2 minutes for $20 if you just don't want to get down once you're up there.

Anyone interested for a ride?

Link & Image: Fly By Wire via SciFi
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