Freezing in the name of beauty

CryotherapyIn Slovakia, people actually go for a deep freeze for beauty treatments where temperature drops to as low as -120°C. Seriously, I don’t understand how one can withstand such extreme temperatures just by wearing mask, mittens, shorts and clogs as depicted on the right photo.

A snippet from Guardian Unlimited:
Yes, two minutes in the chamber is pretty chilly, but there is very little moisture in the chamber’s atmosphere. So it isn't as bad, say, as running around outside in the snow naked, which would feel worse.

So why would anyone willingly do this? It is said that cryotherapy can treat sporting injuries and alleviate symptoms of arthritis, but for many, it is the rejuvenating effect on the skin that is the prime motivation. Because the process cools down the skin, the only warmth comes from the bloodstream, shrinking the size of the body’s cells. Then, when exercising afterwards, the cells expand again very quickly, causing blood to pump vigorously around the body, thus removing toxins and revitalising the cells.

Link & Image: Guardian Unlimited
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