The Largest Gun Ever Used in Combat

The Largest gun ever used in combatThis monstrous weapon is the largest gun ever to be used in combat.

A snippet from Palpatine:
There were two of these incredible guns (Schwerer Gustav and Dora). It has been manufactured by Krupp for the third Reich during WW-2. Hitler wanted "a gun able to pierce a meter of stell, seven meters of concrete, or thirty meters of dense earth". As you can see, it's a railroad gun. But it's so large that two railways are just enough to ensure stability and weight distribution. The gun was far too heavy to be placed on a turning tableShell, so, to aim at its target, it was necessary to push the gun along a curved track. Hence, the gun was able to shoot over a large area.

Here is the armor piercing shell: armor tipped, three meters long, 7100 kg. The soldier is standing aside the propellant casing, that is 1.30m high. Impressive...

Check out the video of this massive weapon firing after the jump.

Video: YouTube
Source & Image: Palpatine via Digg
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