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Luxurious toilet for ladies to cost £5 per entry

Luxurious toilet for ladiesBritain’s most luxurious toilet for ladies is about to open. And the entry fee, an eye-popping £5 (US $9.84).

A snippet from Telegraph:
There's a reception area; relaxing music plays in each of the 19 cubicles and, with the thoughtful installation of "considerate lighting", there is nothing bog standard about this loo.

The 4,000 sq ft central London sanctuary will have a bouncer on the door to prevent overcrowding and will provide hair dryers, straightening irons, high-end toiletries and cubicles vast enough for patrons to change into a ball gown, if necessary.

Beyond the cubicles, there is a sumptuous marble-floored powder room with huge mirrors and super-comfortable vanity stools. Every possible toilette emergency has been considered in the £1 million fit and everything from spare tights to toothbrushes to make-up kits and aromatherapy oils will be on sale.

Link & Image: Telegraph via A Welsh View
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Pretty worth considering that there are tools provided to change your hair style..

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