Pelican falling in love with a human!

Romeo the pelican gazes into Alexis Bailey's eyesThis pelican fell in love with a human who was nursing it back to health after it was found in a pond. During this time, attempts are made to woo its human companion while at the same time anyone who is perceived as a love rival is attacked.

Mrs Bailey, 47, revealed how the lovelorn bird tries to impress her when they are alone. "He looks right into my eyes and puts on what I can only describe as a mating display, with his wings up and his head bowed down," she said.

"He will walk over to me, snuggle in and preen me. Romeo loves to take my hair or my hand in his mouth and he also plays with my shoe laces." But woe betide anyone who the enormous bird sees as a threat.

Mrs Bailey said: "If I am not around he'll tolerate someone else feeding him his fish, but as soon as I appear he goes for them. "He gets in between and his wings go up, his mouth opens wide and he lunges at them snapping his big beak. He'll bite if they're not quick enough to get out the way.

"I feel terrible because I know it can be very painful. He has bitten staff, volunteer helpers and the vet. It seems to be my fault because he thinks that he's protecting me."

Link & Image: DailyMail via ScribalTerror
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