Polar bear Inuka celebrates 16th birthday

Polar BearInuka - a polar bear of Singapore Zoo - celebrated his 16-year old birthday in Singapore with more than 50 guests and well-wishes.

Birthday celebrations which included a polar bear ice carving and a birthday cake, made of ice, carrots and frozen fish, were presented to the birthday boy. But this may well be his last birthday in Singapore, as the zoo announced that it would be relocating Inuka to a temperate-climate zoo when his mother, Sheba, dies.

His mother, Sheba, at 29, is four years over the average 25-year lifespan for polar bears in captivity. The zoo has made plans for the relocation as it will now be focusing more on species from the tropical rainforest, to be in line with its Rainforest Zoo theme.

Adopted since his birth by the SPH Foundation, a non-profit organisation, expressed that Inuka will be moved to a temperature-climate zoo where he can find a mate. Despite some heated debate over the sensibility of keeping polar bears in a tropical climate, the zoo has expressed no regrets over the animals' stay, as the bears were given to the zoo by Canada as the enclosure was found to be satisfactory. Others, on the other hand, were glad that Inuka may be relocated to somewhere more comfortable and suitable for him.

Link & Image: XinHua
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