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Porcelain House

Porcelain HousePorcelain HouseThis “porcelain house” owned by Zhang Lianzhi and situated in Tianjin, China, is made from more than 4,000 antique chinawares, more than 400 white marble stone carvings and more than 20 tons of crystalline rocks and agate. This eye-catching architecture which cost US $64 million will be open to the public soon. The French-style home has attracted a number of admirers long before it was completed. Some even commented that it is a waste of money even though Lianzhi calls it a piece of art.

Click on any of the images for a larger view.

Porcelain HousePorcelain HousePorcelain HousePorcelain House

Link & Image: XinHua
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this looks kinda like gaudi's work in barcelona.

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