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OlmThis amphibian animal called Olm, is capable of going on for years without feeding.

From Wikipedia:
Their extremely slow metabolisms allow them to remain dormant for extremely long periods of time. In one reported case, an olm was placed in a jar in a refrigerator for more than a decade. It was reportedly still alive when finally removed, though with severe damage to its internal organs, including the reabsorption of its own digestive tract for sustenance.

The animal is white or slightly pink and has small extremities with two toes on the hind leg and three toes on the foreleg. Due to its fair complexion, it is locally referred to as "human fishlet" or "humanoid fish". External gills are also present in adult forms. It is usually 25–30 centimetres long. Due to its subterranean life, the Olm's eyes have degenerated and are covered by skin.

The Olm lives in subterranean waters of the karst areas of the Dinaric Alps along the Adriatic coast of northeastern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina to Montenegro.

Link & Image: Wikipedia
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