"Robin Hood" restaurants

Robinhood RestaurantIn One World Cafe, customers are invited to barter and pay what they think the meal is worth. Such pay-as-you-can cafes have missions that are unapologetically altruistic — call it serving up fare Robin Hood style.

Customers who have no money are encouraged to exchange an hour of service — sweep, wash the dishes, weed the organic garden — for a meal. Likewise, guests who have money are encouraged to leave a little extra to offset the meals of those who have less to give. "We're a hand up, not a hand out," says One World owner Denise Cerreta, who prides herself on the fact that everyone can afford a meal at her café. "Our philosophy is that everyone, regardless of economic status, deserves the chance to eat healthy, organic food while being treated with dignity."

Link & Image: TIME.com
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