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Kangaroo with white fur looks like giant rabbit

KangarooEveryone knows that kangaroos have either grey or red-brown fur. But have you ever seen a white kangaroo? Yes white in colour! Two 3-year-old kangaroos, one female and one male, can be found at the zoo of Chongqing, China. Many tourists have mistaken them for big white rabbits. Isn't it cute?

Link & Image: XinHua

Update: This is actually a albino wallaby and not a kangaroo. More info of the animal can be found here.

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Awe! I wish I could go to China to see them. It's so sweet!


Thats a wallaby not a roo

I THINK ITS CUTE... but honestly every mammel species has its albinos.

yeah aussie animals are the best in the world

oh, it's so cute.. i like it.

who doesn't like cute things?

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