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World's largest book

BhutanThe world's largest book, Bhutan measures 1.52 x 2.13 meter (5x7 feet), weighs nearly 68 kg (150 pounds), and presents an entire gallery exhibit of spectacular photographs in a single monumental volume. The book and a custom-built aluminum stand are available for a gift of $15,000 or more from the world's largest book seller, Amazon.com.

A snippet from Amazon.com
Bhutan is the last intact Himalayan kingdom. Roughly the size of Switzerland but with a population of about 700,000 people, Bhutan may be diminutive, yet it is home to one of the most astonishingly diverse natural and cultural ecologies on earth...

The book Bhutan is a visual odyssey across the kingdom. Teams from MIT and Friendly Planet took over 40,000 photographs on four extensive expeditions across the country. They flew by helicopter, rode mountain ponies, trekked with packhorses and yaks, and journeyed by caravan on far-flung roads and foot trails across the Bhutanese Himalaya.

Link & Image: Amazon.com via Arbroath
Image: MIT
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