World's longest double-tunnel highway

Cross-Qinling-Zhongnanshan Highway TunnelThe Cross-Qinling-Zhongnanshan Highway Tunnel which begins in Qingcha, Xian City and ends in Yingpan, Shangluo City in Shaanxi Province, China, is the longest double-tunnel highway in the world. Each tunnel is decorated with artificial plants as well as images of clouds projected over the ceiling at certain sections in order to reduce the eye strain of drivers. The length of each tunnel is 18.02 kilometers (11.2 miles). A total of US $410 million dollars was spent on the construction of this tunnel which will be in use starting from 20 January 2007.

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Cross-Qinling-Zhongnanshan Highway Tunnel
Cross-Qinling-Zhongnanshan Highway Tunnel
Link & Images: XinHua