Crocodile is Man's New Best Friend

croc-trainerFrom WETM:
Gilberto Graham has seemingly domesticated the massive crocodile, starting his own show in the Costa Rican port city of Limon.

In the show, held every Sunday and known as 'Chito's Show' after Graham's nickname, Graham cavorts with the crocodile in the water and gives commands that the animal follows.

Five years ago, the crocodile tamer, also known as "Tico Tarzan," found the 17-foot-long reptile wounded by a bullet.

He says he cured the croc and trained him to perform stunning feats.

Like staying still.

And rolling over.

Jaws drop when "Tico Tarzan" gnaws on a tooth of the nearly thousand pound animal.

They put on a weekly show...and no one's gotten hurt yet.

Link & Image: WETM
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Anonymous said…
The key word is Yet.