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Flights to Asia for as low as £1.50 (until you add in the extras)

AirAsiaXImagine having to fly to Asia from UK for as little as £1.50, which is even cheaper than a cab fare! However, critics mentioned that the no-frills AirAsia X, which was launched recently, could cost more than £100 with tax and charges included.

AirAsia X, which will take to the skies in July, promises to open up destinations in China, India, Malaysia, Australia and the Middle East.

Malaysian aviation tycoon Tony Fernandes, who launched the airline, said he was looking for a base airport in Britain which need not be in the London area.

The carrier, which expects 500,000 passengers in its first year of operation, is owned by Fly Asian Xpress, or FAX, a small airline serving rural routes in Malaysia.

It will collaborate with AirAsia, which Fernandes, 42, rescued from bankruptcy in 2001 and turned into the region's biggest low-cost carrier. He owns part of both airlines.

The sale of tickets online will begin next month for initial services to Tianjin, which is 60 miles from Beijing, and Hangzhou, which is 100 miles from Shanghai.

Link & Image: Daily Mail
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