Gold and silver USB drives

Gold and Silver USB DrivesImage updated. Taken from XinHua.

This set of USB drives are made from gold and silver respectively. Both are made from 30 grams of the respective metals with a purity of 99.9%. Developed by Beijing Zhongshi Boda Company and Lenovo group, the USB drive combines digital technology and traditional Chinese culture.

A pattern shaped like a pig is engraved on one side of the casing as 2007 is the year of the pig according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Four Chinese characters “Jin Zhu Tian Fu” which represents “may the gold pig bring you good fortune” is engraved on the reverse side.

There are only 9,999 sets available with each set selling at 9,999 RMB (US $1,280) in Beijing, China. No word on the storage capacity of these drives though.

Source: QianLong
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Dave said…
those better store at least 16 Gb, seeing as they cost $1300
Ambrish said…

That was the marvelous information and i hope that will get the best more in future

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