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Homemade Spy Sub

Homemade Spy SubJason Rollette, an electrical engineer and his 12-year-old son Trevor built their very own underwater remote-operated vehicle (ROV) so that they could explore the lakes and rivers of their Milwaukee home. Their ROV made out of PVC pipes is capable of traveling up to 0.25 mile (400 meter) up to a depth of 250 feet (76.2 meter). The craft is steered with a gaming joystick while the various stats such as depth, compass heading, etc are monitored on their laptop. A home-surveillance camera sealed inside sends a live feed to the pilots.

More pictures and info after the jump.

Link & Image: Rollette via The Wtf Blog
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Very clever. I wonder if this will really fit as a home surveillance system too. Well, perhaps you can put this in the aquarium, and nobody would know.

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