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Matchstick Masterpiece

Titanic made from matchsticksThe ill-fated Titanic has helped a model maker sail into the record books. Mark Colling built a replica of the cruise liner using 3.5 million matchsticks. The 19ft-long (5.8 meter) model weighs almost a ton. Mark spent up to eight hours a day working on the model. He included hundreds of tiny details such as lifeboats and deckchairs. Mr Colling is now taking the ship to exhibitions and shows. He said: “I love to see people looking at it when it is on display. I have seen people laugh and people cry.”

More images of this amazing model after the jump.

Titanic made from matchsticks
Titanic made from matchsticks
Titanic made from matchsticks
Titanic made from matchsticks
Link & Image: CriOnline
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